Is Nudity Pornography?

Some people are asking why I’m posting nude photographs on this website. My easy answer is, this is an adult only website. Which means I don’t want kids to browse through website. Secondly I don’t consider nudity as pornography.

I’m not an expert to explain the differences among, love making, sex, nudity, eroticm, affection, intimicy etc.For definition you can check or for detailed info check it on

Softcore out of hardcore

I have a habit of converting hardcore pics into easily digestible softcore pics! I experiment with easy image editors when I get bored and post few pics on my blog

The pic below is not of great taste if you are conservative person. But for me, it is okay. It looks like the guy is inhaling or chewing girl’s anus. Moreover, her vagina is exposed clearly. For me this not art, pure porn.

Exposing part of vagina is considered as pornography

Now look at the pic below. This couple are enjoying sex, but the pic only tells half story. It is not showing penis inside vagina, yet you can conclude so. Is this an art of pornography?

Now have a look at following pic. The girl is passionately kissing her man. She is completely nude and her back and anus is exposed. However, due to lighting effect it doesn’t look likeĀ  a pornographic image. Can we call it art?

What about this pic. Girl is riding as a cowgirl. She is 100% naked and it seems that her vagina has swallowed his penis. Only her breast and small portion of pube is visible. Private part of man is completely hidden. Does this image constitute to porn? I don’t know!

Final pic of the day. This couple appears to be in deep missionary position and have forgotten surrounding world Yet, their private parts aren’t visible. To be honest this is brilliant photography. Girl’s feet is wide open and guy’s naked body appears from the top. Even kids will say that they are doing sex… but this is an art pic!

Acrobatic position almost impossible for 90% people to perform. It look like a punishment than pleasure. Man’s penis is almost not visible if you don’t have clear vision. Her vagina is absolutely not visible. Man appears to be sucking her breast while receiving fellito.

Last drop

I’m still confused about art, love and porn pics! I don’t have to give any explanation on following pic!